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Status: ACTIVE

Description: Vocals|Guitars|Drums|Synths


JOHNNY DEM was always surrounded by music as a child. Musicality runs in his blood line. At a very young age, he learned to play the violin as well as the piano. Eventually he would be turned on to the heavier sounds of metal, thanks to the discovery of an Iron Maiden album called "Piece of Mind". This triggered a growing interest in heavy metal, for this talent, in his early years. Over time, the electrified instruments kept beckoning him. Eventually, he acquired an electric guitar circa 89' and quickly mastered it. This was a move that would signal things to come... JOHNNY went into hiatus for several years(95'-97') after his college rock band era...constantly sharpening his skills while awaiting new inspiration. Eventually, it was through a series of unexpected circumstances that brought him to his original conceptual act now known as HIATUS DAWN. "I got this idea, upon hearing some of the newer 'convincing sounding' drum machines that had come out, that I didn't have a need for a full out-and-out organic band. I didn't need a traditional 4 person line up in it nor all the headaches of dealing with fickle personnel or band dramas. I was always influenced by The Sisters of Mercy and their 'Euro' drum machine sound, especially on Floodland. It was a contemporary solution to attaining a tight sounding, hassle free band...so, I went out and bought a used BOSS DR-5 drum machine, after hearing its potential. Within a few months of gaining solid mastery of the unit, I decided to activate my own convictions and turn the entire project into a Solo Artist one. At that time, I was already a profecient guitarist and had just learned the daunting ways of drum machine programming. Once the vocals got locked in, I forged ahead. As a result, one late night in the dead of winter, I wrote Possession. Several days later, I played back the 4-track recording of the song and was in awe...it sounded wicked! After impressing both myself and others who had heard the demos, I knew I had a unique sound on my hands. I believe good songs should have some sort of atmosphere...they must take the listener to another place or time. Many bands often miss that important song writing component. HIATUS DAWN music easily achieves that vital objective."

"HIATUS DAWN was born within several months of chiseling on the material, 10 thematic songs poured forth with a vision to make the EXOTICA album a reality. Currently, New music is being created...we are playing out and are infecting people live."

HIATUS DAWN has been received well by Major music companies through Endorsements and fans who witness it live.





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