Well, here's how you do it: H     I     S     T     O     R     Y

H     I     S     T     O     R     Y



HIATUS DAWN™ is a Modern American Rock Act that has risen from the depths of the strangest of dreams and has now begun to infiltrate yours.

Machine and flesh unite to become one in JOHNNY DEM's Cinematic Dreamscape of sound...

JOHNNY DEM, HIATUS DAWN's sole creator and mastermind, unleashes his musical vision onto the world. As a result, he released the stellar debut album EXOTICA in October 97'.  Amazingly, it was recorded within 24 hrs. of studio running time, at North 40 Studios, located in the basement of an Iowa farm house. Co-produced with Dave Russell, he single-handedly showed what one man can achieve with a driven solid vision of musicality.  As a result, he released EXOTICA onto everyone at a large 1000+ witness Halloween bash, celebrating the CD release.

HIATUS DAWN's incredible music is best described as that of a delicate combination of both dream and nightmare, united in a twisted yet intriguing marriage of sound.  It is future-real,  drawing from influences and elements of bands ranging from The Sisters of Mercy, Dream Theater, Queensryche, NIN, Iron Maiden, The Cure and everything in between; he soon found his original balance of sound. The Industrial elements of electronica, pulsating synthesis, guitars and jaw crushing drum machines, harken the atmospheric sound of HIATUS DAWN.

HIATUS DAWN continues to thrive and spread.

. . . Welcome to HIATUSDAWN.COM  



H    I    S    T    O    R    Y